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Web Hosting

We now offer web hosting so you can have your website designed and hosted by us to simplify the whole process from setup to payments. If you just want web hosting on it's own we can offer that too and we offer a basic email only package to host your own email adddress (you@yourdomain.com) at a very reasonable yearly cost.

Our web hosting is on servers that are powered and cooled by 100% green energy. We offer several different packages from basic to pro, starting at just £25 per year (that's just £2 per month!). Unlike many web hosting services, we won't charge you extra for things like databases.

Hosting packages

We have a choice of different packages to suit your needs and budget.Choose the package that best suits your requirements.

Standard web hosting

If all you want is a personal email address at your own domain (eg: you@yourdomain.com) or a small personal website then the standard hosting service is ideal place to start. If you already have a domain name you can direct it to our servers, or you can add a domain from as little as £8.50 per year.

At just £45.00 per year our starter Web Hosting is perfect to get you going with a simple personal site and up to 10 email addresses. If you want to start your own blog there is a MySQL database included and the popular Wordpress blogging software is dead easy to install with just a few clicks. You can also add two additional domain names for a total of 3 sparate websites on one hosting service.

Advanced web hosting

The Advanced Hosting service is a great balance between features and value for money: Just £80.00 per year gets you more than double the amount of storage, and monthly bandwidth , lots more email accounts, up 10 add-on domains (domain name cost is extra) and extra databases so you could run several blogs and a forum for example.

Pro web hosting

The Pro hosting service is perfect for growing businesses who need more resources and is the most flexible option. Ideal if you need to host several websites on one account and/or have higher storage and bandwidth requirements. Priced at £150.00 annually.

See the table below to compare the different packages. Click the package name to procede to checkout.

Click any of the package headings to order.

Hosting Package: Standard Advanced Pro
Yearly cost: £45.00 £80.00 £150.00
Storage: 1 GB 2.5 GB 6 GB
Monthly Bandwidth: 10 GB 25 GB 60 GB
email accounts: 10 50 500
FTP Accounts: 4 20 unlimited
Addon Domains: 2 20 unlimited
Subdomains 10 unlimited unlimited
Parked Domains: 25 unlimited unlimited
MySQL databases 1 20 200
Wordpress blog hosting: YES YES YES
Forum hosting: YES YES YES
Server architecture: LAMP LAMP LAMP
Server OS: Linux Linux Linux
Server Engine: Apache Apache Apache
Database Engine: MySQL MySQL MySQL
PHP version: 5.2/5.3 5.2/5.3 5.2/5.3
SSH shell access: £10* £10* £10*
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*There is a one-time charge to enable SSH access.

Why limits?

It's very common these days to find hosting plans that offer 'unlimited' storage space and bandwidth transfer for a very low price. The reality is, nothing is unlimited and there's no such thing as a free lunch (ie, you get what you pay for). Such services are hosted on shared servers and are 'oversold', meaning many customers are crammed onto one server and have to share the 'unlimited' resources. If just a few users use up most of the resources, the rest are left with poor performance on their website as a result.

In reality most sites don't need much storage space at all. This site for example weighs in at about 3mb including all the images, or about 20mb if you include the client area. Unless your site plans to host a lot of video content, anything over a GB or two is not necessary. In most cases 500mb will be more than sufficient.

We don't offer unlimited storage or bandwidth transfer. Instead we sell packages with realistic limits at a reasonable price on servers that are not oversold. That means if you pay for 1.5GB of storage and 15GB of bandwidth, that is what you get no matter what our other customers have been promised or what they actually use.

Basically what this means is while there are limits, they are realistic, the prices are reasonable and you get a fast and reliable service to keep your website up and available to for customers at all times.