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Example Websites

Here are a few websites to give you an idea of the kind of designs we can offer. The sites range in size from a simple, two- page design to a large, multi-page site with many nested pages and images. Regardless of size and complexity, we try to keep navigation and layout as logical and user-friendly as possible.

Dynamic Yoga Site

Dynamic Yoga

A total redesign for this large yoga website, with attention to mobile compatibility

Caroline Lang Yoga

Caroline Lang Yoga

A simple site for this local yoga teacher. This site is designed to scale well to any screen size with text at any zoom level in all modern browsers, and is built to the latest HTML5 and CSS standards.

Dynamic Yoga Teacher site


A small site for this North East London based yoga teacher with a CMS(Content Management System)[x] system for easy updating by the client of the schedule and courses pages.

Compassion In Action Spa site

Compassion In Action - Body Mind Spa

This site for massage and spa services is in a small box so as to fit neatly into any size window without running off the page. There is a small scrollbar in the site itself to fit extra content in.

AeroWorld Saab site

Aeroworld Saab

Another Saab site. This North Devon dealer specialises in the sale of top-quality second hand Saabs with a focus on the older "Classic" models.

Windfire Yoga Site

Windfire Yoga

A Deep site with many links and two sister sites. The three sites have the same layout but subtly different colour schemes to differentiate between them.

SaabMaster site

Saab Master

A fairly compact site with just three pages, but even a small site such as this provides that vital web-presence and first point of contact that many businesses take for granted, and others are missing out on.

Accousti Guitars Site

Accousti Guitars

A fairly large site for this Luthier with many pages and images showing various handmade guitars and build options, contact details etc. Also several pages of photos (which open in separate windows).