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Web Design

Whether you choose a package solution or bespoke web design service, all our sites are designed with accessibility and compatibility in mind and are coded by hand to be web standards compliant as much as possible using the latest HTML 5 and CSS 3 standards which as well being tested in a number of different browsers across multiple operating systems, will also work on today's mobile devices, such as iPhone, iPad and Android based devices. unlike flash-based websites.

All inclusive Packages

We offer 3 Complete Web design packages that include everything you need to get your website up and running: We will customise your website based on ready-made templates pre-coded by us. We will host the site on our servers (Free for the first year) and include a .com or .co.uk domain name (also free for the first year) as well. The packages range from our most affordable package with up to 3 basic pages and a contact form, to a larger package with up to 12 pages and a basic Content Management System and simple online store.


Bespoke Web Design

If the packages don't offer what you need or you want a completely bespoke website design we can build a website for you at an hourly rate. Please contact us using the form on this page to discuss your needs.

Flash, HTML5 & CSS3

While flash-based websites can look very impressive when done well, they don't work at all on many portable devices and on those that they do they drain battery life very quickly. Additionally, flash sites have no easy way to increase text size, or even select or search through the text, and client updating of the site is virtually impossible. Mobile internet access is increasingly significant and for these reasons we avoid using flash altogether.

Instead we use the latest HTML and CSS tools and techniques to take advantage of the latest in web standards technology to deliver modern and dynamic content that will work just as well on an iPhone or iPad as on your desktop computer, while still being backward compatible with older browsers.

To get the most out of the web download and install a modern broswer such as Google Chrome or Apple Safari.